The Button Makes It Easy
Proudly made in the U.S.A.
NO-SPILL® is a registered 
Trademark of No-Spill Inc. 
Can I buy a can from No-Spill  ?
No-Spill does not sell cans directly, but a dealer can be found near you by clicking here.

Can I buy parts from No-Spill  ?
Yes, No-Spill Accessories can be purchased on our site by clicking here

What can I do if my can or nozzle breaks and it wasn't my fault?
Please visit our Warranty page for help with product issues

What can I do if my nozzle is leaking?
Please visit our Warranty page for help with product issues

Where can I return my can if I want a refund?
Returns should be processed where your purchase originated.

How do I become a Dealer?
Dealer inquiries can be directed to

What is the best way to care for and store my No-Spill   Cans?
Start by reading our safety page and all the warning labels on the can and nozzle. Then make sure you regularly perform two important steps:

  1. Frequently press the Green Button to release trapped fumes when the can is stored and prior to pouring from the nozzle.

  2. Store the can with a full level of fuel. Fumes expand and contract drastically with temperature changes so the fewer fumes in the can the better. The goal is safety and good maintenance of your purchase.
Frequently Asked Questions